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Raiden from MGS2
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The player takes control of Raiden in the Plant Chapter, where he is introduced as a newly-recruited VR trained member of FOXHOUND with no live combat experience prior to his current mission. His primary outfit in this game is a black skin-tight military uniform similar to Solid Snake's sneaking suit dubbed the Skull Suit, named due to its resemblance to a human skeleton. Assisted via Codec by his commanding officer, the colonel, and his girlfriend Rosemary, Raiden's initial mission objective is to rescue the U.S President and other hostages from a terrorist group dubbed "Sons of Liberty". Raiden also gains the assistance of a Navy SEALS operative named Iroquois Pliskin (Solid Snake operating under cover), and a mysterious entity dressed in a Cyborg Ninja suit calling itself Mr. X (Olga Grulucavich in disguise).

As the story progresses, the true nature of Raiden's mission is revealed, along with his past. His commanding officer is revealed to be a computer generated A.I. built by a mysterious organization known as The Patriots, with Raiden himself unknowingly serving as one of their agents. Additionally, Raiden is revealed to had served as a child soldier for his adversary Solidus Snake during a civil war during the 1980s (specified to be the Liberian Civil War in The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2). Solidus took in Raiden after murdering his true parents. Raiden battles and defeats Solidus at the end of the game and is reunited with Rose.

Guns of the Patriots

Raiden appears as a non-playable character in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Following the events of Rising, Raiden is now a cyborg as a result of The Patriots' machinations. The trauma of his break-up with Rose, coupled with the apparent miscariage of his child and rigorous training, have turned Raiden into a cold and emotionless fighter. He seems to care nothing for his own life or Rose. He is outfitted with a cybernetic exoskeleton similar to the one worn by Gray Fox in the original Metal Gear Solid. Working as a free agent, Raiden has rescued Sunny from the Patriots, leaving her in the care of Snake and Otacon, and w
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Raiden in MGS4
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as recruited by Big Mamma to find the corpse of Big Boss, and later leads Snake to her resistance force "Paradise Lost." In South America, Raiden reveals himself to Snake after fending off a squadron of Gekko. He informs Snake of Mama's whereabouts after fighting Vamp, whom he previously defeated during his infiltration of the Big Shell. Though victorious, he is severely wounded in the fight. Raiden later recovers and assists Snake on Shadow Moses Island and defeats Vamp once and for all after Snake returns him to his mortal state, and helps Snake escape the collapsing hangar with the reactivated Metal Gear REX. During the attack on Liquid Ocelot's Outer Haven, Raiden sacrifices himself and is apparently crushed to death by the warship. He is confirmed by Otacon to have survived but is in no condition to help Snake in his final mission aboard Outer Haven. However, as Snake makes his way deeper into Outer Haven, he is saved once again by Raiden from a group of FROGS. Missing both arms and wielding his sword in between his teeth, Raiden holds his own for a while, but is ultimately overwhelmed, the FROGS are incapacitated when Snake and Otacon shut down the Patriots' AIs using Naomi and Sunny's FOXALIVE program, thus saving Raiden's life.

In the game's epilogue, Raiden is sent to a hospital and has all of his electronic implants removed, though closer inspection reveals that he remains heavily cybernetic, such as having new arms, but with an even skin tone. Rosemary visits Raiden in the hospital and reveals to Raiden that their child was not miscarried, and that her marriage to Campbell was a hoax designed to protect her and their son from the Patriots. Upon learning this information, Raiden reconciles with Rose.


Raiden is scheduled to appear as the main character in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Rising. The title will be set between Sons of Liberty and Guns of the Patriots and will chronicle his transformation into a cyborg ninja and his personal transition into his "MGS4 self", as roughly outlined in the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database.

Little is presently known about the plot of the game, but it occupies the period of time during which Raiden left Rose, rescued Sunny from the Patriot's Area 51 stronghold, and became affiliated with Big Mamma's resistance force, Paradise Lost. Following an unsuccessful infiltration of Area 51 to recover Big Boss's remains, Raiden is captured by the Patriots and used as a test subject in the latest incarnation of their Perfect Soldier Project, of which Gray Fox had previously been a victim.

Already beginning his transformation into a cyborg, Raiden's cybernetic body is markedly different from the one he would later be outfitted with in Metal Gear Solid 4, and Rising will reveal the details of how and why these changes occurred. His exoskeleton is somewhat more savage, with metal plates and jagged edges protruding from his shoulders and forearms. A barcode pattern is imprinted on his forehead, and small screws and surgical scars can be seen above his left eye, which is covered by a bandanna worn as an eyepatch. His hair is swept upwards, and while initial renders depicted his right eye as red, footage from the E3 trailer shows that his eyes are blue, and appear to simply glow red as part of an aiming mode.

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